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Kate Altmann grew up on a flower farm in central Connecticut. It was there that Kate first developed an appreciation for
all things beautiful. It was also where she first showed her skills in perfecting the world around her. It’s been said that
she stood out in the fields as a kid, driving her father crazy as she demanded that the gladiola rows be perfectly straight.
Or that she badgered her brothers to wash the greenhouse windows. Then, her family put two and two together and
sent her to art school. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Paier College of Art. Her clients are now the
beneficiaries of this drive for beauty and perfection.

Kate started her career in design at a small firm GW Hoffman, where she traded her pruning shears for an x-acto knife
and created work for Kraft and Nestle. She then worked at MCA during their halcyon years, creating award winning work
for American Express, Burger King, The Hotel Jerome, Fraser Paper and IBM.

After a short stint as a freelance designer, she was convinced to go back to full time employment at Turbine. An agency
who shared Kate’s penchant for elegance and great creative. It was there that Kate developed the brand look and tone for
Oxford Health Plans, helping them grow form 200,000 members to over 2 million members. Her campaign won The Global
Award as the best healthcare communications campaign. Kate also did successful and break-out work for Nokia, Wellesley
College, Allied Domecq, Clayton Financial, Hotel Zero Degrees and Liazon. Kate also made sure that there were always
fresh cut flowers in the reception area.

Kate lives in Fairfield, Connecticut, with Jeff, 4 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat and a rabbit. She constantly has to remind them all
to stay out of the gardens.